Friday, January 16, 2015


He's still pretty out of it, but he's also needed multiple doses of morphine. His blood pressure was elevated and so they've had to give him several doses of a blood pressure medication to get it back down. They said its a fairly common reaction to the anesthesia but that doesn't help me worry less. 

He finally ate something around 6 pm but before that he was just too out of it to be able to eat. They wanted him to start slow so we only gave him 2.5 ounces which made him mad. But at least I got to hold him while he ate. Now he's resting quietly. 

So, we still need your prayers that his blood pressure & heart rate will normalize without further medication & that his pain can be brought under control more easily. They won't even try changing him over to oral pain meds until he's eating better. And right now the morphine makes him too tired for that. But if we withhold the morphine to try and wake him up so he can eat, he screams & gets so worked up that he won't eat anyways. So we're stuck in a bit of a vicious cycle. 

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  1. =( poor little dude! praying for you tonight. Nothing worse than your little one hurting. I am sorry