Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prayers please

Arron had RSV back in mid-December and was hospitalized for a night because of low oxygenation. They told us the cough would linger for a while but things seemed to be improving. Today he has been very congested & has trouble staying asleep on flat surfaces because he coughs so much. 

I can't decide if this current congestion is him getting sick again, or related to him teething. His pediatrician here in town said his lungs sounded totally clear and his surgeons on Monday didn't seem overly concerned but said its anesthesia's call. They will know best if intubation is likely to cause pneumonia or not. So, please pray! Pray for healing in his tiny body, wisdom for the anesthesiologst we meet on Thursday, & that he's well enough for Friday's surgery. I'm sure that by now our February 27th spot is gone so unless they could get more OR time, we would be beyond the 6-month mark & not have a choice in surgery. He would need the full, open surgery (cranial vault remodeling). 

I also seem to be coming down with a cold, so I'm having dad hold him as much as possible. And when my sinuses freak out, my teeth hurt, which triggers headaches. So I'm a hot mess right now. We appreciate your prayers & support!

-McGinnis Family

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