Thursday, January 15, 2015

All clear!

We were given the all clear today in the preanesthesia clinic. They actually paged one of the anesthesiologists assigned to Arron's surgery tomorrow to come & look at him. After listening to his lungs, she gave the all clear for surgery tomorrow. She did explain to us that it generally takes 8 weeks after an illness for a child's airways to return to normal. Arron is only about 5-6 weeks out from his RSV. 

She said that it mostly just means he may require a little extra oxygen during his surgery and they need to be extra vigilant during his surgery. Normally they pull the breathing tube out at the end of surgery before he goes for a CT & then to the ICU. She said depending on how he does in the OR, they could end up leaving him intubated for a while in the ICU. So we continue to covet your prayers for his well being; as well as wisdom for Dr. Hopper (his plastic surgeon), Dr. Lee (his neurosurgeon), and his anesthesia team. 

He's had his third & final hibicleanse bath to reduce the bacteria on his body & lower the rush of an infection post-operatively. He's sleeping now & I'll wake him around 2:30 for one last feeding before his surgery. 

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  1. Praying for your sweet little guy! He charmed our socks off monday! Alana even asked to see him the next morning. Love you friend!