Saturday, January 17, 2015

From ICU to Neuro floor

After several conversations they are moving us to the neurosciences floor as per the original pre-op plan. His blood pressure is looking much better and the slight elevation that remains is consistent with a bit of post-op pain. Ideally, they'd like him to be about 80/40. His last pressure was 95/59 which isn't too far off. He's been as high as 160/80. His heart rat is still in the 160s with spikes up to 185 even while resting (should be in the 120s). 

Since they see a nice, normal sinus rhythm from his heart, the docs are holding off on the EKG for now. It's unlikely that they would find anything on the EKG with what they're seeing on the  1 lead he's got on. They think this is just his response to the pain & anesthesia. 

As for his cold, purple hands & feet, it comes & goes. His pulses are good & strong whether his extremities are cold & purple or warm & pink. So they think he's just diverting that blood flow either to his belly to digest what he's eating or to his head to help with healing. Unfortunately that increases the pressure in his head, which increases the pain. Which makes him cry, which increases his pressure & heart rate, and increases his pain. 😞 

So please continue to pray for Arron, the docs, and Arron & I. If his heart rate doesn't start to come down soon momma bear might get a bit pushier in running some of the easy tests just to rule things out. 

I did have a long chat with his nurse because I know they often have a different opinion about the best plan of care & a little different perspective after 12 hours of monitoring a patient than a Dr who just stopped & poked their head in for 45 seconds. She said she thinks the floor is an okay call because they don't really have a reason to sit on him in PICU anymore. He's got some suspect numbers but without something a little more concrete, it's hard to justify keeping him. If his pulses were bad, or his pressure was different in different extremities, then it'd be a whole different story. But for now we just have to hurry up & wait to see what he does. 

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