Sunday, January 18, 2015

More specialists

His heart rate is still up & for the most part, his BP has remained elevated. When I talked with the hospitalist last night she said she was actually more inclined to do a nephrology (kidney doc) consult before a cardiology one. Blood pressure issues in kids are frequently related to fluid levels, which is managed by the kidneys. 

So she ordered a urine analysis to look for protein. They didn't find protein but they did find glucose. So they checked his blood sugar which was fine. She was also able to have them run some tests off his blood samples from yesterday to look at kidney function and it all looked fine. I'm assuming we will still consult with them to talk about why he has glucose in his urine. 

Unfortunately, those tests got us no closer to an answer on his heart rate or blood pressure. So they did an EKG, and other than it being too fast, everything looked normal. He's still got a nice healthy sinus rhythm. I'm hoping they will order a cardiology consult along with nephrology. So he's still the interesting kid, which is not who you want to be in a hospital. 

In a little better news, I had told the nurse last night that he seemed much more lethargic & less responsive on the oral oxycodone than he was on the morphine. So we cut his dose in half & that has been much better. We still seem to have good pain control but he actually wakes up when you mess with him. And he's eating about 2.5 ounces every 4 hours. Certainly not up to his normal intake, but better than sleeping so hard he's not eating at all. 

So unless something drastic happens, I don't see us going home today. 😔 glad I brought an extra outfit & they have laundry on site here!

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