Monday, January 19, 2015


We are home!! 

So they couldn't do the echo today & wanted us to stay so they could do it in the morning. We asked if it would put him at any risk to go home today and then come back later this week to do the echo on an outpatient basis. The answer was a resounding no, no risk. So we are home and will have his echo later this week. 

We also spoke to the nephrologist who said that his renal ultrasound showed excess fluid in one of his kidneys. She assured us that this is common among babies & most outgrow it. It could also be related to how much fluid his body was trying to deal with. So they are going to have us take him in for weekly blood pressure checks at our local pediatrician. We will also have a repeat ultrasound in about a month to make sure it's getting better & not worse. Assuming his BP checks look good, and so does the follow up ultrasound, we will only be seen in their clinic once, to discuss all the results. But if his pressures are bad down here, that will change the plan. 

So yay! We might all get some sleep tonight!! No beeping machines, vital signs, etc waking us all up! Although, he sleeps through a lot of everything lately...

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