Monday, March 14, 2016

She's all done

Her Dr came out to talk to us and once again, she's the weird kid. The good news is, her pathway is low risk. So we don't have to worry about sudden cardiac death! The less awesome news is, while testing the pathway she went into true SVT, which is what he was looking for on her heart monitor she's had for the last month. So, since she went into SVT, he decided it made sense to find the pathway & try to destroy it. So the leg caths went in, meaning 4+ hours of recovery. But once he found it, it's right next to her AV node. Which means destroying the accessory pathway has a risk of destroying the AV node, and then she would need an immediate, emergency pacemaker placement. He decided that the risk of destroying the path outweighed the benefit since we know it's a low-risk path & she's never had SVT documented before. 

So we're just kicking it in recovery, watching Netflix with dad, waiting for 4 pm, when they'll get her up & make sure she's clotted correctly & then send us home. 

1st Update

They book Bri to the OR about 8:45, and we just got our first update. Dr. Salerno was planning to start with just testing the pathway & determining if she had a high or low risk pathway. If it was low, the procedure would be over with just one catheter in through her neck. 

Unfortunately she had sustained episodes of SVT during the first part of the procedure, so they are going to locate & destroy her accessory pathway. That means she needs the catheters in her groin on both sides, and a minimum 4 hours of recovery to allow for clotting. This next part of the procedure can be 3-6 hours.