Monday, July 20, 2015

And for his next act...

About 2 weeks ago I got a call from the daycare that I needed to come pick Arron up. His eye had crusted shut while he was sleeping & they wanted him evaluated for pink eye. By the time I picked him up, ran home to change (it was that crazy hot week), and got to Group Health the poor lil guy had spiked a temp of almost 103. Turned out he had double pink eye & double ear infections.  😥 poor dude was miserable. 

Btw, huge shout out to our pediatrician Dr. Forester Johnson at Group Health. He was booked solid and the scheduling & nursing staff told us we could wait 2 days or hit up Urgent Care. So to Urgent Carr we went. The triage nurse was hoping to take us to the Seasonal Illness clinic but his fever disqualified him. So she touched base with Dr. Johnson directly. As soon as he heard we were in Urgent Care he said he would absolutely see us himself instead of leaving us to wait the estimated 4 hours downstairs. Yay!!

Anywho, everything seemed to resolve with the antibiotics but then his crusty eyes fame back, but no irritation in the whites. So I took him in on Thursday & Dr. J thinks he's got clogged tear ducts & wants us to see our pediatric ophthalmologist. So I called Children's and they had a cancellation tomorrow morning at 7:40. I wasn't excited about the time, but wasn't about to wait until November, which was the next appt available. 

Thankfully the wonderful people in Guest Services at Children's were able to get us a free hotel room in Northgate so I don't have to wake him up at 4:30 & leave at 5:30. 

We are expecting that he will need a very minor procedure in September to clear them. They just run a probe through the duct into his nasal passages but he has to be put under general anesthesia for it. Hopefully our ophthalmologist doesn't think it will take any more than that. 

I'll let yinz know tomorrow!
Chillin on the hotel bed.