Monday, January 12, 2015

Pre-op round 1

We met with his surgeons (and a zillion other people) for our first round of pre-op appointments yesterday. Looks like we are all set for surgey on Friday. They also got us hooked up with a discounted rate on a hotel room for Thursday night so we don't have to drive back late Thursday and then up crazy early on Friday. 

We also enrolled in a research study investigating the cause(s) of craniosynostosis. It's just a simple blood draw for the little guy that they'll do as they start his IVs on Friday morning. Arron & I will also have blood drawn as part of the study. They are looking for genetic variations that may cause cranio. There are already 3 or 4 genetic conditions that they know cause it and Arron will be screened for all of them. If he tests positive for any of the known conditions, they will call us & let us know. 

Crackin grins for daddy at the doctor's office:

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