Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hurry up & wait

Arron II had his ultrasound, we are just waiting for the results. Our nurse had to go with him & stay to keep an eye on his monitor and said it would take about an hour. So Arron & I took the opportunity to leave the hospital to get dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant up in Northgate. It was a nice break. 

Our nurse said that once his ultrasound report is back the night shift nurse will text page the hospitalist to come and talk results with us when she can. We won't see the nephrologists again until morning. 

They have ordered an echocardiogram for tomorrow just to check for any possible issues. If his vitals were to stabilize they may cancel it, but we will see. She said his BP looked better during the ultrasound but I don't know where it's at now. We also have orders for BP meds if he creeps up past a certain threshold but he's been just barely under it all day. I'll post again after we get the ultrasound results. 

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