Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Always the "interesting kid"

Today's post isn't really about A2, other than to say he's making huge strides at PT recently and has started crawling!! 

So today, we took my oldest stepdaughter to Group Health for her 3rd knee surgery (she's 12). The plan was to just remove the whole meniscus because it looked on the MRI like it was basically disintegrating. But our Dr knew the images weren't very clear & there was lots of signal from scar tissue left by her last 2 surgeries. So anyway, that's not what was going on with her knee. Her plica band was out of place so he removed that & part of her previously removed meniscus was attempting to regrow itself, so he cauterized that to remove the frayed tissue. 

But I knew something else was up because he took us to the consult room to discuss things. He said something about it being for patient privacy, yada yada. But the last 2 surgeries, he didn't take us there & I even commented that when I worked at Harborview you only went to that room when things didn't go according to plan. He chuckled it off, but then after he told us about her knee he said that she was fine, but she's always the "interesting kid" and nobody wants to be "interesting" in the OR. This time, the anesthesiologist noticed a slight change in her heart monitor. All her vitals were fine & whatnot, but the rhythm was indicative of Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome & they were going to get a full 12-lead EKG to confirm & consult with a cardiologist to make sure she was ok to discharge home & follow up with our pediatrician & then a pediatric cardiologist later. (Which they gave the thumbs up for.) From the little bit I've read about WPW, it sounds like it can be a complete non-issue or it can be full on life-threatening. 😕 There's only one symptom Bri's ever complained of that could be related, so I'm assuming she's on the non-issue end of the spectrum if she does have WPW. But, better safe than sorry!

So they are sending a report to her Dr. to be able to make the referral. It looks like Group Health's only ped cardiologists are in Bellevue. If that's the case I will probably just ask them to send us to Children's since we already know their routine & I'd rather drive there than Bellevue. Besides, maybe I can combine her appointment days with A2's! 

Obviously the clinic is closed tomorrow, but I will call Friday morning to see if Dr. Asomaning will just give us the referral without being seen in the clinic. Keep you all posted. 

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