Friday, May 15, 2015

Now to decorate!

Well this helmet fitting went way better than the first one! The first one he SCREAMED the whole time she was messing with it. This time he was a little fussy but nothing crazy & it needed a lot of trimming. It was nearly down over his eyes and his ears were pretty smushed. He was also very ready for a nap by the time we left. But here's the new look: 

So after paying for this helmet we've officially paid our maximum out of pocket expenses for the year and all future appointments/surgeries/medications/hospitalizations for the year are covered at 100%. Woo hoo! Although that means we've already racked up $4,000 in medical bills this year. Some of that was covered by Children's charity care program but the vast majority of the care has been outside Children's having now spent $1,200 on helmets alone. Crazy to me how insurance works that we were responsible for $600 of his $100,000 in bills for the surgery but at the same time pay $600 for each $4,000 helmet. Weird. But we are on the upswing now & hopefully it's good news on the 27th and we are almost out of this chapter of our lives where it feels like we live in Dr offices. 

One more picture for the road. And don't worry, we'll get some Sounders stuff on it soon!

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