Monday, February 2, 2015

Helmet day!

I was super nervous about this appointment and how he would react to the helmet. And then he woke up at 6:30, and didn't go back to sleep until about 10:25. He's usually toast after being up for about 2 hours. He got to sleep for about 45 minutes instead of his normal 2 hours and was rudely awoken by having his helmet put on. He screamed. Like, SCREAMED. 
This was the third trimming & he was less pissed, but still mad. 

For anybody that's talked to me about my son, the first thing I say is that he's a very chill baby, and really doesn't cry much, unless there's a legit problem. Today, he was not that baby. He was tired and cranky. And we woke him up. Once the helmet was off for her to go trim it, he settled down pretty quickly. But she had to trim it 4 times before she got the fit she wanted. 

He was so exhausted by the last time she brought it in that he had passed out sitting up. So she got the measurements she needed of his head and we even got the helmet on him while asleep. She snapped the pictures for the surgeons of the fit and said, well normally this is when I have you guys practice putting it on & taking it off, but I understand if you want to skip that since he's sleeping. So we skipped that & just took him home. 
He wore it for almost five & a half hours before he really started getting upset. So I took it off to have a little play time & nurse. He doesn't have to sleep in it all night just yet, but tomorrow I'm going to try to keep him in it most, if not all day. 
Immediately after we got home. 

Having some play time. 

Still a little short for the bouncer...but he will get there!

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